Saturday, January 27, 2018

MU Legends first impressions/review

My first ever exposure to an mmorpg was Diablo I know you can't really call it that, more of an action rpg with online elements. But it was the closest example I could think of. From there I got into other games like Conquer Online, Guild Wars, very little World of Warcraft... I did play my fair share of free MMO's but they fell into obscurity and I cannot remember the names. All this being said, I have had some experience and interest in the genre. Diablo aside I gave up on the genre as a whole, it was just too mind numbingly frustrating and soul draining; putting hours, days, weeks even months into a game only to find such a minimal amount of progression. It took a spark from a game like League of Legends to get me interested again in gaming.

I suppose the same regression occurred with League of Legends and I ran into a wall with that game, it just became the same old nonsense game after game, and I lost interest. This put me on the hunt to try something new and I came across a game called Mu Legends an mmorpg from a company called webzen. This game differs from a lot of other mmo's because of its fixed camera angle and isometric view of the game world. The story line and overall progression is very linear and it's almost impossible to find yourself wondering what to do or where to go prior level 65. I think that might possibly be the biggest reason I got so glued to the title, because although I ignored the story it was fluid and animated, as well as narrated and voiced rather well. The world itself spans over 7 continents though you can only access 4 of them, and 1 being more of a marketplace/world zone. So the game is rather small and it's really easy to get acclimated to the details while going through the story and progressing to level 65.

It took me less than a week to complete the game, get to level 65 and decked out in full mythic gear. I thought to myself this was easy now I can conquer whatever the game throws at me. However I was wrong. See there are new instances and now gear is available that you cannot buy in the market place or easily find if you are under geared and low of level.

The biggest gripe I have about the game is the currency dependent item enchanting. If you want to get your gear to +7 you have a lot of zen and the jewels to do it, but you find out real quick that you will now run short of magic gems. There is a daily quest that can accumulate a large amount of magic gems but it can only be performed once a day, or twice if you're a platinum member of the game. Aside from that one instance, you have to rely on rewards from other daily quests that are also numbered to once or twice a day. And do your daily rifts, this gives you a decent amount of magic gems. But not nearly enough to really spam enchant your gear. You're going to run dry on magic gems, because throughout the process if you fail you lose a + and the money and resources it took to make it. I think the game developers did this on purpose. Because with the easily accessible ability to farm zen, but you cannot farm nearly enough magic gems. And if you can I am not aware of the methods.

A lot of salty people call this a pay to win title, and I am kind of in the middle on this. Sure spending some cash will "help" you, but you can do everything that a paying person can, just have to grind and work harder. To put it in perspective, the pay elements that benefit you in this game, are in the way of a premium service that gives you rewards and bonus gifts like magic gems, resurrection stones and bound redzen (bound redzen and redzen are completely different). The biggest perk to spending money is having the ability to open the cubes that require redzen to open beyond 1 time. This game is excellent and a lot of fun, it is worth spending $30 for platinum membership. If this game costed thirty bucks, I would buy it.

Friday, August 11, 2017

lenovo ideapad y480 disassembly

My ideapad y480 was shutting down while using the dedicated graphics, I know it was a heating issue. I left it unresolved for a few weeks, until I finally got frustrated enough and just began to disassemble the thing. My first thought was that maybe the fan and motherboard was really dusty and it was preventing proper air flow (this was best case scenario), my next thought was maybe the cpu/gpu didn't have adequate thermal compound.

After unraveling the laptop, I came to the conclusion that dust was not the issue. Surprisingly enough the internals of the laptop was pretty clean and not much dust. I did have a can of compressed air so I did thoroughly clean inside. What the issue was, was there was an abysmal amount of thermal paste on the gpu. The cpu had a decent amount, but the gpu was completely dry. So spent more than I should have at best buy buying some thermal compound. After cleaning gpu/cpu I began to reassemble the laptop. I thought to myself this was a pretty successful, encountering problem and properly assessing the issue.

power ribbon
After putting the laptop back together I was faced with the issue of the laptop not powering on at all. I thought ok, something wasn't hooked up right, I take it all apart and find nothing out of the ordinary, but apparently I didn't secure something because this time it powered back on, but the hdd apparently got wiped out. I was able to get to bios, I made a flash with linux. After I got linux up and running I installed windoze 10, and began to realize that a media card with usb/headphone wasn't working. I knew exactly where that was and I disassembled the laptop again. I realized that a little plastic piece had snapped off which secured the card. This was no victory for me, as much as I use this laptop on the go and having sound for headphones is an absolute necessity. Unfortunately the card connects to the motherboard, and the plastic piece snapped off on the motherboard.

During the reassembly I realized now that the laptop does not power on. I figured it must be the little ribbon that connects from the palm rest frame to the power button from the motherboard. I ordered the part and sure enough it powers back on, no problem. This of course still doesn't solve the headphone predicament. I went ahead and bought a new motherboard, this opens a whole new can of worms.
little plastic piece that broke off

I get the motherboard put everything back together and now it powers on but I get nothing more than a black screen. I try the old motherboard, and it fires back up no problem. I am confused and insist it must be something wrong with the new board I  had bought. But I switch around ram on the new board and it finally fires up. I had to try each stick of ram individually before it would post into bios. I of course get no sound from headphones have to take it apart and re-attach the card, and this time I have successfully solved all problems. The laptop now operates under high stress at reasonable temperatures and it has all working functions as if bought brand new.

I cannot tell you how many times I wanted to throw this thing in the trash, but I had been able to identify each problem and know the solution. Of course encountering issues where it wouldn't power on at all, or would power but no bios. These were all things I wasn't sure how to assess. Fortunately I had the tools to be able to properly diagnose.

EDIT: during this process I broke the little plastic piece for headphone/usb, I broke the little ribbon for power and I also broke the little ribbon to keyboard that allows the keyboard to be back lit light. Only thing being absolutely necessary was the power.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

youtube error ublock

what you will see if you have ublock enabled on youtube
Just recently as of this exact date, youtube now has figured out how to disable ublock (a chrome extension that eliminates most ads from websites). I am not entirely sure if there is a way around this, but I find it ironic that I was actually thinking about this the other day, when youtube insistently asks to "try" their new paid service for a free trial. I was just thinking that there is no way that they will allow 3rd parties to interfere with their ability to make money.

Ethically there is nothing wrong with them wanting to get money for an excellent resource they created. With ad's being run in all videos that no doubt, brings in a hefty amount of revenue; considering the volume of traffic youtube gets. I am only saying that because of the endless videos uploaded and the subscriber and viewer counts. I can only imagine the amount of money brought in from ads alone. Take in the fact youtube is bought out by google, a mega conglomerate.

All this being said that they are in fact making plenty of money regardless. I remember back in the day the internet was a free resource. You pay for the internet, and soon you will pay for the web sites that you enjoy visiting. Or you pay for it by commercials and advertisements. I need to learn some survival skills and go live out in the woods.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

"Sometimes I feel like I'm not solid. I'm hollow. There is nothing behind my eyes. I'm negative of a person. It's as if I never thought anything, I never wrote anything, I never felt anything. All I want is blackness, blackness and silence"
-Sylvia Plath-

Saturday, April 29, 2017

identity, purpose and contradictions

(if this at all sound authoritative, I apologize in advance. These are only ideas that come into my brain, and I want to express them through this blog)

An identity if anything but being a working, breathing, fucking, sleeping and eating creature... just like any other biological specimen is a contradiction to our existence. We have some kind of idea that the media, fashion or whatever else gives us a sense of purpose is important. When we strip away the layers of diatribe prescribed by the television, movies, music, internet we get a false identity. 

I always tried to abandon the popular ideas that our society accepts, only to find myself sad, lonely and confused. But in reality the herd moves instinctively about ideas and lifestyles that match society. They are not actually looking for individuality they are only trying to enjoy the pleasures of life like any other homo-sapiens should. 

The ability to appease the conscience by whatever means necessary is absolutely essential to survival and success in life. To belittle and berate the beliefs of those who live successful and fulfilling lives is a sign of inferiority and displeasure with your own existence. 

This has been a bit wildly described and confusing, though unintentional and a bit contradictory to my first paragraph. My whole intention was to write about the identity crisis in america, particularly in the mental health of human beings. I think it is acceptable to be interested in media, but I also think that the most important regard to identity is the ability to survive. I think identity should be in regards to the animals around us, the ones who instinctively move about and obey nature. It will never be that easy for humans, we have this necessity to please our own species by means of false identity. The more we nurture false identity the more we encourage behavior that contradicts our existence.

In summary, live to succeed and accept the principles that encourage growth. It's absolute polarity, it makes no sense and I think that is the key-piece to living. We expose we contradict we abandon and expose, circling in a endless confusion. But when we accept and adapt, we begin to find living through confusion is acceptable. Besides all of that, the pleasures of life are more enjoyable. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Vital Remains evil ~ death ~ live

Alongside the recent Abdullah purchase I grabbed this vital remains dvd. I never got too into vital remains, but always wanted to give them some more attention, so I thought this was a good addition. What sold me on buying this though was the amazing artwork included. I might give my thoughts on this one later, but for now here is what the dvd looks like.

[MUSIC REVIEW] Abduallah - Graveyard Poetry (2002)

Let me briefly go into how I learned about this band in the first place, it kind of coorelates with this review in the first place. Let's rewind back to the early 00's and I was just getting into the whole stoner rock scene, as an initiatory Black Sabbath (ozzy era) fan, I learned that a whole sub genre was created out of their sound and other bands, I am too ignorant to name. At the time there was a web site by the name of But it was basically a archive of all bands in the aforementioned genre of music. I would go through the bands randomly listening to different artists and hearing what was out there.

One of the bands that kept my attention was a group by the name of Abdullah. I had a scant amount of mp3's of theirs. At the time my mom was heading to Chicago for some kind of business expo, and while we were there I got to go to this giant record store. And that is where I obtained their 2002 release "graveyard poetry", a disc that got a lot of spins. Fast-forward a few years and my collection of music got expunged to gain funds for what I can remember for probably drugs or something irresponsible and not worth the abandonment of material possessions.

Well I was at a record store around here in my neighborhood. They have a small "metal" section of Cd's, and I almost shit myself when I saw graveyard poetry there. It was a measly $5, so it was a no brainer and I picked it up. I know what your thinking, "cool story bro...". But to me this was some kind of intuitive intergalactic sign, the cosmos were telling me to stop listen, and reminiscence with some of nostalgic relic.

Another side note, I actually remember conversing with the band over AIM (aol instant messenger) at the time, and I remember them telling me that they were going to be playing at Mac's Bar (a local gig). I never did attend the show, which I still kick myself today. Maybe the band would have stuck together had they been given the support and recognition they deserved.

So the music here I can only describe as some psychedelic rock/metal with melodic clean singing. I can't name a song that doesn't have a catchy ring to it. It's more upbeat then what I was typically listening to. But this is all played well and the vocals go great along with it. Listen I am not good at going into detail with musical details, you will just have to take my word for it. And give it a listen. You can find the full album on youtube.

Here is a liner note about the band...

abdullah is:
jeff shrilla - voice * alan seibert - guitar * ed stephens - bass * jim simonian - drums

graveyard poetry was:
recorded by paul hamann
at summa recording studio

bryan stauffer played piano on 13
jeff played drums on 5

artwork design by jeff

dedicated to jasper and matt shirilla
we love and miss you

contact us:
abdullah * po box 159
richfield, oh * 44286 * usa

not 100% sure if any of the contact information is still active or correct.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

update and randomness

Its been a while, I took a brief absence from the internet due to personal events that compromised my ability to readily use my laptop for blogging purposes. I am now in a stable place, but using the internet is still a matter of taking a trip to the library or a coffee shop. My plans and intentions of this blog where nothing more than to share my thoughts and ideas, and put a emphasis into my taste in music.

Social abilities are limited, I find myself cracking at the surface, but I will never be any different than how I remain. I don't mean to sound cryptic, but I have no other way to write than what seems to come natural to me.

I have had a l lot of time to be by myself and to think, its been refreshing but all the same a conclusion that abandones existence. The idea of teen angst, follows while thinking about this. Everything has a stereotype that saturates any real meaning. It all follows a social code, everything assembles into a social field.

Going off on a tangent here. This post was purely to check in, and say hi. I want to put up some new content. But right now I am at a stand still. That's all for now. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Purgation - Realm of the Dead EP 2000

Updates have been pretty slow for the month of March, being homeless and uninspired dragging me down. Anyways I wanted to share a unknown band I used to listen to all the way back into the early 2000's. The band is named Purgation, and not to be confused with a death metal band from Kolkata with the same name.

Anyways they are a doomy metal band with clean vocal styles. I have listened to a sparse  amount of bands that are in this same variety, most notable would be Abdullah. The more known groups in this genre are good, but their consistency and ability to rationalize a sound that is both evoking and strongly despairing. Why would somebody fall deep into a pit, anger and despair are the responses. Purgation is a group whose message is of the christian variety, but it's not in a preachy kind of way. Although I am certain when he says "will we wake up...", off the track Slumber, he isn't talking about literal sleep, but overcoming an impending doom for those who disbelieve in the faith.

Its simple, its angrily sang, nothing special in the guitar sections or drumming. But in most cases for me its typically the simple in style, who capture the most atmosphere and evoke emotional response. When I found this band, it was like a needle in a haystack. There is absolutely nothing about them on youtube, fortunately archive metallium had a page on them, and I was able to do more elaborate searching. After searching around, I came across their myspace page, and it has their EP in entirety so I am just listening to this, and thinking about the past.

Well nothing great, probably will be less updates for a while, being homeless and uncertain where I will be staying at, makes thinking difficult. I do have a laptop, and plan on making updates soon. 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Lords of Thunder Sega CD

Lords of Thunder is a horizontal shooter, for the Sega CD. It is a fun and worthwhile game, and for those fans of shmups who don’t make the cut. As far as surviving and feeling a sense of accomplishment when you play, this is the game for you. Consider this title a shmup with training wheels. It is essentially one of the easier shmups to be brought upon us. And considering the amount of shmups that I’ve played, this is hands down the easiest. And I might as well clarify, I am speaking of the Normal difficulty setting.

The game plays well, a lot of the bosses are really cool to look at. Some of the levels come off as repetitive and kind of generic in style. As I said before the bosses are done well, and are great to look at. But where they excel in style, they fail in sustainable and enduring play style. Let’s face it, most of the bosses if not all, come off as pretty lame. I am all about being able to complete a game, but I feel a sense of failure if the game doesn’t respond with a harsher reality.